Bold and powerful animals in American Traditional Tattoo style

Tattoo Life

Felines, tigers, panthers alongside great birds about to fall on their prey with razor sharp talons and flashing beaks.

Snakes poised to pounce beside insects stylized into clear, simple designs like the rounded drawings of children.

Tattoo by Adrian Hing, @adrian_hing_tattoo
Tattoo by Adrian Hing, @adrian_hing_tattoo

Bold outlines and a pre-defined colour palette are the golden rules to follow: red, yellow ochre, brown, dark green and black for terrestrial creatures, and navy and all shades of blue and bright red for the denizens of the deep: the octopus with its soft, sinuous tentacles, whales overlaid with the long lines which simulate their movement in the seas, sharks which rather than instil fear look more like amusing mascots.

This is the world of animals in the Traditional style, formalised to such an extent that it has become an indispensable glossary of forms in this classic and ever popular style.