6 Popular Tattoos That Have Secret Meanings You Never Knew

6 Popular Tattoos That Have Secret Meanings You Never Knew

Tattoos are a personal choice to permanently alter your body’s appearance, regardless of your opinions. Some people find tattoos to be bold and visible, while others prefer subtle symbolism that is easily covered by clothing. Others may go on to become artists. regret their choicesStyles and meanings can change as they evolve. For certain tattoos that you may recognize from the past, however, it’s possible there is more to them than meets the eye. Learn the hidden meanings behind the most famous tattoos.

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A line drawing of a nautical star tattooA line drawing of a nautical star tattoo

It’s easy to see what stars tattoos mean to people as far-off objects that glow overhead at night. Sometimes, artistic designs can include well-known celestial elements like major constellations. This could be cultural connections to mythical folklore, or deeper ties to someone’s Zodiac sign.

However, their popularity was not only new but also grew. nautical star tattoos Since ancient times, they have been meaningfully used. The image is typically the North Star. It was used historically by sailors as a navigation tool in order to return to safety. The five-point symbol, which is often a similar to a compass, serves the purpose of reminding someone how to find their way through difficult times in their lives.

Line drawings of historic nautical anchor tattoosLine drawings of historic nautical anchor tattoos

Although tattoos can become more popular or less over time, certain tattoos have been timeless. The use of an anchor has long stood for an obvious connection to sailors and life at sea—so much so that by the late 19th century, around 90 percent of those serving in the British navy reportedly had one or ink of some kind, The Guardian reported.

Images have always been a historical part of the web. could symbolize anything from having crossed the equator or an ocean to commemorating a deceased friend—or, more grimly, used to help identify those who drowned, the paper reports. reports that single and double anchors can be used to denote civil merchant marines or military-serving sailors.

However, the tattoo artist has made the symbol a very popular icon over the years. It can be used to symbolize stability or support. This is why you can add a banner that has the names of loved ones or parents on it.

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A young woman getting a tattoo on her harmA young woman getting a tattoo on her harm

Many tattoos take hours, if not days, to create. Others tattoos, however, are mostly just solid lines that have been filled with ink. The following is an example of such a design: solid black armbandAlthough it may seem simple, the meaning of ‘” is much more complex. states that each tattoo is a memorial to a person who has died in their lives. The additional bands that are added below or above represent other loved ones who might have died over the years, and act as a permanent reminder.

A vintage swallow tatooA vintage swallow tatoo

In symbolism, birds are used to symbolize flight and all the distant travels it entails. According to, 19th century sailors chose swallows because of their ability to return home after lengthy journeys. According to popular legend, the birds helped sailors find their way home after being lost on their long journey to heaven.

Swallow tattoos, like many other nautical-themed images, were used as mile markers. Many sailors chose to have the birds in pairs, as they represent having traveled over 5,000 miles. The Guardian reports. Many still love the iconic image because it represents exploration and the possibility to safely return home.

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A line drawing of a cobweb tattooA line drawing of a cobweb tattoo

There are many urban legends about tattoos which could signify a past experience with crime or imprisonment. And while it’s important to remember that each person’s ink has its own background, specific images commonly have connections to incarceration—including cobwebs.

According to some, spiderwebs may be used as a symbol of “being captured” in prison. The Guardian. They are often placed on the recipients’ shoulders or elbows in this situation.

A close up of a semicolon tattoo on a person's handA close up of a semicolon tattoo on a person's hand

A tattoo is a great way to remember a personal victory or struggle. The use of the word “recently popularized” is one example. a simple semicolon. This symbolism is derived from the obscure place that punctuation marks are used in grammar. It’s used instead of a period in order to let a sentence continue, rather than stop. states that people who wish to recognise progress in overcoming addiction and mental illness can use this simple symbol today to remind themselves of the fact that more is to come.